A Story About Otis

Otis Green
-Son of Gus Green

It has been said of Otis Green that as a boy he loved nothing more than to outfox a fox. One particular story I was told illustrates perfectly this element of his character.

Each morning before school, it had been customary for a few of the boys (including Otis) to meet in the school yard and divide up rubber bands amongst themselves. They would stick them deep into their pockets and head into class, no doubt with plans of mischief to ensue on an unsuspecting classroom.

After a bit of time had passed, the teacher became wise to who and what was wreaking havoc by shooting rubber bands in her classroom. The new practice quickly became a morning line up of Otis and his buddies in front of the class while she systematically put her hand into each boy’s pocket confiscating the findings. Otis found this greatly humiliating.

Indignant, Otis marched home one day and informed his brother Ray that she (meaning the teacher) would not be checking his pockets again after tomorrow. The next morning came and Ray noticed a twinkle in Otis’s eye and a slight smirk on his face. Not being the interfering type, Ray shrugged his shoulders and followed his brother to school.

The morning ritual arrived and all of the boys lined up for the teacher to check their pockets. When she got to Otis, she stuck her hand deep into his pocket. Her face turned a deep scarlet shade of red and she immediately drew her hand out and sternly told the boys to take their seats. Otis had completely cut out the bottom of his pockets, so when the teacher went searching for rubber bands, that is not what she found.

She never checked the boys pockets again.


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