The Meeting of Gus and Icy

In the year 1922, Icy’s husband died in May and Gus’s wife died in July. Icy was widowed with three girls and only a little settlement money from the coal company. Gus was widowed with six children, the oldest being Jessie at 16 years of age and the youngest Ray who was only 5 months when his mother passed. Both were in a predicament.

The exact date is not clear when Icy and Gus met, but most likely it was some time between August and December of 1922. The story goes that Icy was visiting her sister in Cordova. She rode the train back to Guin, then hitched a ride with the post man (Gus Green) back to Hamilton. Most likely Gus was delivering mail with a horse and wagon, but it is possible he owned a car by that time. Whether it was a car or wagon, relatives report that they were engaged by the time they reached Hamilton. Joining forces to care for their new combined family of 9, the couple was married January 14, 1923. Their first child Gatmon was born in December of 1923.

Together Icy and Gus had 5 children:
James (Jimmy)
Claire Jean

That made a grand total of 14 children between the two of them. Reportedly they bought their first house together in Hamilton with the settlement money Icy received from the coal company.


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