Gus and Bertha Green

Lemuel Augustus Green (Gus) was born March 28th in 1885 .  In the 1900 census he lived in Hamilton, Alabama with his parents James Winston and Mary E. Green. He had two brothers Richard and Henry plus two sisters Myrtle and Annie.

It is estimated that Gus married Bertha Elizabeth Burleson around 1905. They had the following children:

(in order of eldest to youngest)
Bessie Gus

Gus in the early days was a mail carrier between Bexar and Guin. He started with a horse and buggy and eventually owned a Model-T Ford to run the route.

On July_, in 1922, Bertha was walking from the chicken coop to the house and collapsed. Reportedly she never regained consciousness. It is unknown what specifically caused her death. She was 36 years of age.

Jessie would have been around 16 years of age and her youngest brother Ray was only a few months old.

I wish I had more personal information about Bertha Green, but I don’t have a lot of details about her character. Maybe the family can lend some more information.


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