Where to begin?

History fascinates me. As a child, I loved hearing my grandparent’s stories about the “good ol’ days” and tall tales that may or may not have been true, but they certainly were entertaining. My grandmother’s house was a treasure trove of old photographs and memorabilia. I can distinctly remember thumbing through dusty pictures and Maw Maw (Mary Clark) would say “aw that’s old so and so, you know who they are, they’re related!” Nodding in agreement, inwardly I was positive I had never met or seen that person before in my life and certainly couldn’t pull up the fond memories my grandmother seemed to enjoy. Nonetheless, I liked to look anyway regardless of my lack of knowledge, and those memories seemed to brighten my Maw Maw’s day.

Now that I am adult and all of my grandparents have gone on to be with Jesus, I wanted to preserve those stories and tales. Slowly I started recording my own memories and quickly realized I needed help with the facts. After numerous interviews with family members and acquaintances, it occurred to me that I was naive to believe that this would be an easy undertaking. First of all, the stories are endless. Second of all, everything I have heard is either fantastic, interesting or I would even say …shocking. Third and last, THE INFORMATION IS COMPLETELY WORTH SHARING. So my conclusion: Why not start a blog? This way I can share what I know and any family members who want to submit their own stories or memories can absolutely join in the fun too.

MY DISCLAIMER: Most everything posted here is usually second hand information. I will try to be as honest and true to the person or people who told me their piece, but I fully realize that re-told accounts can vary over time. Please contact me if you feel like your kin folks were not properly construed. We are just having fun, not trying to offend. Other than that, please enjoy and feel free to contribute (if you are a relative.)


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